Serene Danish features with subtle industrial tones

Yay.... we reached double figures and don't hate each other yet.... and actually still are loving
bringing together each and every room.

We decided to break our seemingly trademark black and go for a more feminine appeal....
white & linen....

We'd purchased a full bedroom suite long ago and Rachael had been using it in her room after
Maria simply said.... "that cane dresser is revolting... get rid of it!!!" Rachael had been searching long
and hard for a bedhead that looked similar to Maria's one she found years ago and restored for hire
(there was no way Rachael was getting her hands on that one), finally finding a slightly similar one
(she still wants the hire one). So it was time to rotate and finally set up a Danish inspired bedroom.

We wanted the bedroom to be soft and fresh but with a modern appeal.... The bedroom suite
on its own looked a little lost in the vast space of the studio so we set ourselves a mission to find
complimentary things that work well in a serene environment. We had a few things lying around
(as usual, considering Maria has been hoarding furniture ever since she could walk & talk).

We freshened up an old drawing board (that was shoved in Maria's mum & dads cupboard and taking
up far too much space) by attaching a new top. As Maria was taking the long walk from the carpark
at Holmesglen to start a very long day of teaching, she came across two table frames that were in the
dumpster and quickly ran to the gatehouse, grabbed her car and proceeded to attempt to fit them in the
back. After much pulling and pushing she finally fit them in when she spied a lab stool frame, ran over
and in her excitement, yanked on it far too hard, whacking herself in the chin and chipping her two front teeth.... being careful that no-one saw, she gained composure and quickly drove off pretending nothing had happened. Well, to cut a long story short.... the base was painted white and a new
matching top to the drawing board was placed on.

The bench seat at the end of the bed was made by Maria, using some existing legs she never threw out
and upholstered in a beautiful oatmeal coloured wool. Upholstering the armchair to match we now had
all the main elements needed to put it all together.

The bedroom came up beautifully and we fell in love with it straight away.... if only our own bedrooms
looked so lovely (and we didn't have husbands that don't quite go with the stunning white linen)....

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