Australian mid-century design at its best

With all the the "big" names included (well at least some of them anyway) we took on our
10th room head on.

We'd purchased a Fler Narvik suite from Queensland a few months back that had been sitting
in Rachael's parents shed in Brisbane since, along with some other little gems that we were
keen to actually see in person.... it was time to get it all down to Melbourne. Much to our
surprise it arrived a couple of days later. The lounge suite had been painted white so off it
went to the paint strippers. We expected it to come back requiring a "light" sand but alas
a far more decent sand was required. We'd decided to replace the cane back and after getting
a few quotes we thought.... how hard could it be to do it ourselves?? Well, really very hard
and extremely time consuming but we did it in the end. The cushions were replaced and
upholstered in a rich black pure wool to contrast with the frame and light coloured cane.

The Parker dining suite had been in storage for a few years bar one chair. Maria had purchased
3 of the chairs in a bulk purchase with a sideboard and found 2 more chairs in Shepparton so
proceeded to do a road trip with her then 4 year old daughter. The table came from down on
the Mornington Peninsula (another road trip.... lucky we have friends all over the state to pop
in and see to break up the driving a bit). We were going to just do 4 chairs with the setting
but then luckily came across a 6th chair in a shop in Northcote at the last minute so it quickly
was restored to match the rest and voila!!!!

One of the most time consuming jobs was the restoration of the Noblett coffee table (for its
size anyway) which Maria's husband decided to take on. One day after she'd been running
around getting supplies she came home to a very proud husband that had nearly finished
sanding the top. Looking down she noticed he'd been sanding with the orbital sander and kinda
freaked a little (in the most calm way possible as the help was actually really appreciated) with
Jup calmly saying "I thought it was solid wood on top!" Luckily no harm was done and it came
up beautifully (maybe we should use an orbital sander more often rather than hand sanding....).

A quick lick of paint on the low sideboard (well not very quick at all, but thanks to our in-house
painter it seemed quite quick for us considering we only had to sand and polish the edges and
feet) and a quick re-veneer of the top of the larger sideboard (once again done by a professional
so as quick as it may have seemed for us, it probably wasn't for him) and the room was done.

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20 June 2015 at 08:50

Did you wax de furniture wood or did you use a mate varnish paint?

20 June 2015 at 08:51

Did you wax de furniture wood or did you use a mate varnish paint?

20 June 2015 at 15:12

We don't use varnish. We finish most pieces with a combination of oils and wax to give a protective coating that brings out the natural colour and grain of the timber with a subtle sheen.

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