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"Everyinch" brings together Maria Bates and Rachael Hayes on their quest to create the ultimate space.

Originally studying Architecture at RMIT, Maria stepped outside the built realm and began her working life as a Graphic Designer. After years of work and constantly being pulled back to the built form, Maria started an interior design business in 2002. Completing her Masters of Design in 2004 she has continued to juggle both interior & graphic design (with a bit of teaching as well) since, eventually finding harmony in mid 2009 when "Everyinch" was launched with Rachael. Initially difficult balancing work, business, family & teaching, Maria had to let one go and now teaches as well as spends most of her waking moment either researching furniture, designing furniture, running around the country looking for furniture, restoring furniture or talking to Rachael on the phone about furniture.

Rachael was convinced to join Maria's obsessive journey in mid 2009, after a night out when Maria began convincing her that she needed her furniture adorning her home. Rachael's obsession with furniture began to grow (well she'd kinda always been obsessed with interior decoration, but now she had someone to talk to about it that was just as nutty as she was). Rachael had worked in a senior position with Miele for years and had always held high regard for style and design. Her homes had long been admired by others, having renovated them with her husband Stu (our own in-house painter) before moving into an amazing mid-century property in Croydon Hills in 2006 (where her admiration for mid-century design began to flourish). The property came with an enormous shed that was quickly converted to "Everyinch's" domain, incorporating storage, workshop and studio that was plaster lined and painted for a display area (which is also now used as a workshop considering the workshop has been taking over for storage).

The rest is kinda history, with both of us constantly growing and evolving along with the business as it takes on new challenges with every new room and every new venture.

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