Sophisticated mid-century classics

Well... seven eight nine for sure!!!!

Our ninth room consisted of sanding, sanding and more sanding (which we swore we
would try to avoid such massive jobs). The "wow I found a cheap lounge at the op shop"
quickly turned into.... "should we just take it to the tip???" The intricate detail of the
Avalon lounge will haunt Rachael forever and possibly caused long term RSI.

Paired with a unique timber armchair, the lounge did look fantastic but failed to meet
expectation on price (we got more for the armchair). The rest of the room didn't require
as much effort but looked great with a Fred Ward table, Meadmore style chairs and
a couple of Danish style sideboards that all blended into the space perfectly.

This room saw Everyinch introduce modern, sophisticated homewares from Melbourne's
own & living. They team perfectly with retro, industrial and modern interiors,
forcing us to start building our website with an online store as they weren't too happy about
us wanting to sell their items through ebay (hence their first appearance being for looking
only). We quickly put together a splash page that was simply just a gallery of pics.

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