Pure white modern industrial

Having bid a sad farewell to our tuscan winery we set our minds to finalising another room
before Christmas in pure modernist form (completely opposite to the rustic warmth of our
12th room).

Maybe it was a bit of a shock being too different to our previous room or maybe we'd left it a little
late in the year, but our 14th room failed to meet expectations. We seemed to love it but the response
wasn't so great. The chest of drawers that had been sitting half done in Maria's laundry for the past
4 years had finally been finished and proved to be the most popular item in the room (we've since
realised why as we've tried and tried to find another set for client's but the are almost extinct in this
form). The redesigned, converted desk worked beautifully as a centre piece and also sold fairly easily.
The everyinch trademark tripod made an appearance once again and was snapped up as usual, but the
stunning restored and recovered white armchair didn't seem to generate a lot of interest so Rachael
snapped that one up pretty quickly (and since appears in some of our styling projects along with the
white antique school chairs).

With 2010 at a close we began a long deserved break and finally learned how to relax.

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